POSTED BY Michelle Fenwick ON Sep 25 2016.

Sex : Male
Age : 2 Years 4 Months
Status : Adopted
Sponsorship : Looking for a sponsor!

Curly is a tabby ginger male.  His mother was a wild cat and she was born in foster care.  There were six kittens originally but unfortunately mother got into difficulties birthing and 5 large kittens were delivered then mother cat was rushed to the vet with a kitten in breech position and it was born dead and mother was then speyed on the day.  She mothered the kittens for 3 weeks and unfortunately we lost her with an acute toxic reaction.  All the babies born bar one have broken tails.  Curly is a lovely ginger boy that needs to be homed with his brother Gus as they are inseparable and they are outgoing boys once you gain their trust and they are very mischievious.

If you are interested in meeting Curly please email us or phone 092769960 or 0274264374 to arrange a time to met.

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