Happy Cat Update - Twinkle

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 30 2015.

Twinkle came into us a wild kitten and this make her quite cautious and shy around humans for a while. Our volunteers spent time socialising her and she made amazing progress. Last year she was lucky enough to find her forever home! Here is an update on her in her new home!


"I had never had my own pet before but I'd been meaning to adopt a cat for quite a while and one Saturday back in August I visited the Trust. It was hard to choose a pet from so many different cats, but Twinkle felt like the right choice and I took her home the following weekend.

It wasn't easy at first because she hid under the couch for a few days while she adjusted to being in a new home. It took her some time to settle in but she never looked frightened or stressed. Later Twinkle started to come out from under the couch more often and after a couple of weeks she suddenly became playful and cheeky. I let her outside after 8 weeks and she enjoyed exploring and going on adventures while I nervously waited for her to come home. It wasn't long before she had passed her litter tray and catflap tests with flying colours.

Twinkle loves playing outside, rolling around on the concrete steps, chasing flies & moths, having a snooze on my lap and getting strokes & gentle scratches, and of course eating her favourite foods, chicken flavoured biscuits and Jimbo's steak & kidney. 

I live by myself and Twinkle is a great friend and companion. When I wake up in the morning she is usually on my bed with me and when I get home from work she is usually there to greet me. She is gently purring on my lap as I type this. Happy cat. Perfect pet. Thanks Cats In Need Trust!"


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