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About Us

We are an organisation that rescues cats and kittens that are unwanted, abandoned, or abused. The animals are cared for by foster carers around Auckland, where we bring them back to good health to go on to being adopted. All cats that are adopted through the Trust are spayed or neutered, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.

We are a registered charity and rely solely on public donations from fundraising and cat sponsorships. We charge an adoption fee of $130 per cat which helps to cover the costs associated with their care (some cats require additional care and can have slighty higher adoption costs). Donations are tax deductible so if you plan to file a return just ask us for a receipt.

Registered Incorporated Society #1304799.   Charities Commission #CC41687


How Cats In Need Trust Started/Our Logo


Sammy's Story

The seed for Cats In Need Trust was sown in 1997 when a dear little Domestic Long Haired Tabby male kitten was brought to me with his right eye an ulcerated mess from a cigarette butt being pushed into it. The eye had to be removed and the wee man was named 'Sammy'.

He had all his jabs and little boy op, but nobody wanted him, he was 'not very pretty with one eye" and his tail was crooked at the end where it had been broken. Very reminiscent of the song "Nobody's Child":

People come for children and take them for their own,
But they all seem to pass me by,
And leave me all alone.
I know they'd like to take me,
But when they see I'm blind,
They always take another child,
And I am left behind"

As time went on Sammy was given the nickname "Captain Periscope"

I came to love him and Sammy had a home. Let the good times roll……

My other cats would bring me birds, mice, lizards etc, Sammy brought me a gerbera each day. If he was not praised he would destroy the flower and make more mess than bird feathers. When I called him for his dinner I would call "Sammy", then "Sam I Am".

You could hear him calling all the way home.

Sammy and I shared eight and a half years of joy. That he could love a human after all that had been inflicted on him.

He came home in May of last year (2005) with his throat cut. It had been done in a way one bleeds an animal to eat it.

This last trauma was proof that he could still trust. It took Sammy six long weeks to heal physically. Mentally he was never the same.

I lost my Sammy on the 5th of January 2006 when he died in a fire that gutted my house and took the lives of his seven friends Tarquin, Precious, Jupiter, Lily, Higgins, Lulu and Angel, and our special friend "Jasy". May they all rest in peace. They were dearly loved and are sadly missed.

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