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Being a pet parent is an amazing and rewarding thing and we present a series of articles dedicated to cat care and having a healthier, happier cat, as well as any other topics that are relevant to us. Enjoy and drop us an email if you have any ideas of articles you might like to learn/read about. 


Great South Road Vet Testimonial

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 02 2010.

Our Cats In Need Trust regular vet clinic, Great South Road Vets in Papatoetoe have a great staff which help the cats in our care. Dr Amy Burnett BVSc has personally written us a testimonial to indicate how happy she is with our cats.

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The Benefits of Microchipping

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 15 2010.


Microchipping as a procedure is now becoming more common and at Cats In Need Trust we believe that it is an important procedure for your animal as it is a permanent form of identification. It is also a good way to ensure that your pet can be tracked back to you via scanning the hip,if they become lost.

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Lily Intoxication in Cats

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Apr 02 2009.

Although lilies are flowers commenly used in floral arrangements, and cats often have access to them, most cat owners and florists, and indeed many veterinarians are unaware of lily intoxiation as a potential cause of kidney (renal) failure in cats.

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