The Benefits of Microchipping

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 15 2010.

Microchipping as a procedure is now becoming more common and at Cats In Need Trust we believe that it is an important procedure for your animal as it is a permanent form of identification.

microchipA tiny sterile microchip, rice-grain-sized, is inserted by a vet - like an injection - between the shoulders of the pet, at very little discomfort to the animal. When a compatible scanner is then passed over the pet emitting a radio frequency transmission, the microchip is activated and transmits an electronic message back producing a unique numerical code. This code is stored at a database, and provides full and accurate details of the animal and owner.

We have had our own experience with microchipping which proved how important the procedure is. One of our trust cats, Moet was adopted out in 2009, by a young man and went to her forever home. Unfortunately he had flatmates who left the door open resulting in Moet escaping and the owner was not able to find her. 

Last month (September 2010) there was a telephone call from the SPCA asking if we had a cat with a specific microchip number. Through consulting our records we informed them that we had adopted out a cat named Moet who at that stage was approximately 4.5 years old.

The Trust contacted the owners who gave us a letter of consent allowing us to uplift her and bring her back to the trust. We also had her teeth de scaled and polished as the SPCA said that she had tooth problems. The owners mother reimbursed the Trust for any monies that the Trust had paid out and Moet then returned to her home.

This was a very happy ending for one little girl who if the chip had not been implanted would have ended up with the added stress of having been trapped, handed into a strange establishment, and as she was an older cat who knows what could have befallen her?

The Trust would like to urge all people with cats that m/chipping is advantageous to everyone and Moet is prime example of this fact. 

The Benefits of Microchipping

To get a microchip for your pet contact your local vet and make you get the chip registered and update the contact details. Microchipping numbers are kept with the NZ Compaign Animal Register and are stored in a private database with your contact details - so make sure to keep these up-to-date!

Have a microchip? Check your details here. You will need to know your microchip number so make sure you keep a copy of it in a safe place or ask your vet for the number next time you're there

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