Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cats in Need Trust Administration Office Located?

The Cats In Need Trust administration office is located in Mangere East, Auckland.

I'm thinking of adopting and would like to visit the cats - how am I able to arrange this?

The cats are cared for in foster care conditions around Auckland.  To meet and view the cat you are interested in please email us or call us on 09 276 9960 or 027 426 4374 to make your appointment between 12noon and 2pm.

If you have young children it's a good idea for them to visit as well so we can make sure we find the best match for everyone involved.

How do I choose the right cat for me?

The first step is to decide what type of cat you are looking for (and we don't mean the colour - this part can come second) - do you want your new cat to be active or laid back, playful or chilled, to get on with other cats/animals or to defend it's territory from other cats?

Are you looking for a young cat? Or would you prefer to give a home to a more settled older cat? Cats live on average between 12 - 15 years, but can live 21 years or more. Older cats who end up in abandoned find it much harder to get new homes - so always think ahead and make sure that you will be able to provide a home for your new cat it's whole life. If you're not sure you can commit to 15+ years, why not adopt a senior cat instead - they have just as much love to give.

Once you decide the type of cat you want then give us a call on 09 276 9960 or 027 426 4374 and we can recommend which cats might suit you, if you have a colour or gender preference let us know that too. You can also look through our cats up for adoption profiles and let us know any that stand out for you.

I hear you have a 'No Kill' policy - what's does that mean?

Yes, Cats In Need Trust have a no kill policy. This means that NO cat that enters into our care will be put to sleep simply because it is deemed 'unfriendly' or 'non-adoptable'.

However in extreme causes where a cat is sick or suffering and there isn't hope of a treatment or if the treatment itself will put the cat through more pain than we feel is justified, we are sometimes forced to make the more humane decision to euthanise.


What is a 'stand down period'?

When you find your perfect match, you will need to fill in some paperwork and the adoption costs will be explained to you. There is a stand-down period of at least 48 hours before you are able to take your new friend home as we process the paperwork and take the cat for their final full vet check.  

When you adopt from us this is what your trust cat will be:

When you do collect your cat, please remember to always bring a cage with you to protect your new cat on the ride home. Cats will not be released without this and and you may be required to pay a bond to borrow one of our cages.


I would like to help, how can I do this?

The following is a handy little saying with sums ways to help beautifully: 
Adopt. If you can't adopt, Foster. If you can't foster, Sponsor. If you can't sponsor, Volunteer.

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