POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Mar 01 2014.

Sex : Female
Age : 5 Years
Status : Gone But Not Forgotten
Sponsorship : Looking for a sponsor!

Gabriella is sleek black girl who came with her mother Gina and siblings Galanos, Givenchy, Guerlain & Guy. (pictured below as a 'Supercat')

Gabriella is an inquisitive little girl who likes to watch what's going on around her at the Trust (she often survisors the volunteers to see they are working hard).

Unfortunately Gabriella can be quite tempermental - she can be perfectly friendly one minute then panicked and skittish the next. This changable behaviour has resulted in people being badly scratched and has lead us to make the decision to make Gabriella 'sponsor only' (at least for the time being) until she is able to be handled without causing harm to herself or to others.

If you would like to sponsor Gabriella, please email us, or phone either +64-(09)-276-9960 or 027-426-4374 to make an appointment.

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