POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Mar 01 2014.

Sex : Female
Age : 5 Years 2 Months
Status : Gone But Not Forgotten
Sponsored by : Alice

Sierra is a striking, tabby girl who was born in the garden shed of one of our volunteers with her two sisters Dallas and Eden. Their mum was very friendly and had obviously once been someone's pet.

The three kittens were very scared of people at first (having had no human contact). Our volunteer managed to trap them and began the taming process. While they all made amazing progress in foster care, coming into the cattery has proven quite a difficult intergration for them.  They can get very into pats and attention but often they prefer to spend their days curled up together away from people.

Sierra is a lovely girl with beautiful eyes who loves playing games with her siblings or the lazer pointer. She can be quite shy with people she doesn't know, but once she gets to know someone she can be very friendly!!

Sierra would love to find a home of her own, if you would like to meet her please email us, or phone either +64-(09)-276-9960 or 027-426-4374 to make an appointment.

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