The Sad Story of Baby

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 01 2012.

Baby was brought to us in late October 2012 by a member of the public who discovered her being set upon by a group of youths. Without hesitation the woman braved the group and rescued Baby from her attackers. We could see she was in terrible shape and took her immediately to the vet clinic. The x-rays confirmed our fears; baby had extensive injuries including broken bones (from being stomped on) and severe damage to her internal organs from repeated kicks. Baby was only a kitten and despite her horrific and traumatic ordeal, she was still a trusting and friendly wee girl who was happy to receive comfort from her rescuers.


Sadly, Baby's injuries were so severe that in the end euthanasia proved to be the kindest option. Even with the best surgery any recovery would be a long and painful process and even if successful she would have on-going health concerns for the rest of her life. After what she had been through, we could not inflict more pain on this darling girl and she was put to sleep in the arms of caring humans. Rest In Peace now sweet Baby.

This sad story highlights the tragedies in our society, that lack of education allows anyone to feel complied or disconnected enough to abuse an innocent creature who was at their mercy is heartbreaking. That one kind individual came to Baby's defence, shows the difference one person can make! While we may hope never to encounter such treatment of any living creature, we hope that more of us would act as this courageous woman did and immediately step in to give our protection and aid to those who need it.

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