POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Mar 01 2012.

Frazzle came in to the Trust two days after Guy Fawkes with a severely damaged eye from a firecracker.  It was also discovered that she was heavily pregnant - which was taking an extra toll on her health. The vet informed us that she had a 50/50 chance of survival at best; and to help save her life we immediately gave consent to have the pregancy terminated and the eye removed.

A trust friend came to visit six days after the operation and fell in love with Frazzle. A very happy ending resulted when the friend collected Frazzle thirteen days later and took her to her new home. We were proud to be able to offer Frazzle this opportunity as she was indeed a Cat In Need.

This is the kind of happy ending we work towards at Cats In Need Trust and we wish Frazzle well in her new happy home!

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