When Operation Lucky Began

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON May 01 2011.

Lucky's story is an amazing one that has a very happy ending, particularly when he had such a difficult beginning. Lucky was picked up on Baird’s Road in Otara as dusk fell and was lucky as a car had just straddled him. He was run over but was unharmed.

When he was brought into us, on closer inspection it was obvious he was blind. We took him to the vet the next day (Friday 27th May 2011). The vet’s prognosis was that he was indeed blind and we could either put him to sleep or remove his eyes.

As he was a six-week old kitten, we opted for the removal of his eyes. With the age that he is he is able to adapt far easer. i.e. learning to draw on his remaining senses and these will become more acute.

We were quoted $500 to remove his eyes. We required $650 to cover his medical expenses, vaccinations, microchip, neutering and the removal of his eyes.

He was very definitely a “Special Needs’ cat and could only thrive in a quiet environment where he feels secure. We knew he would need a very special forever home. 

In his honour the trust set up a special fund for Lucky to be known as “Operation Lucky”, the account is still active and is now used for special cases like Lucky's. Click here to find out information on how to donate to this specific account. Lucky was indeed as his name is called and we received a lot of support and were able to have his operations.

UPDATE: On Sunday January 8 2012 our little blind man Lucky went to his forever home. After almost 10 months of love and nourishing and excellent medical attention from his Vet Aunty Amy Burnett from Great South Vets in Papatoetoe, he was given a clean bill of health and his Mummy and Daddy (pictured below) came to take their little boy home.

I remember the way he looked when our volunteer Aunty Sandi (pictured above holding Lucky) brought him to us he was covered in scabs and his eyes were bulging from the Calicivirus. He was such a sick little baby and I wondered who could have allowed him to get into this awful state.
From day one with us he had the will to live and our little man overcame all obstacles, integrating himself into the house with the other cats and just being a kitten.
The swelling of his eyes decreased and we thought that we may save his left eye, everything was going well with him, but at the age of 6 months the cornea blew in his left eye and surgery to remove both eyes was a necessity. Aunty Amy also found a polyp in his left ear, and that was removed as well as him being neutered at the same time, he was also micro chipped and vaccinated.
Lucky never looked back and to see him catch a fly was an awesome experience, truly amazing, to share moments of him learning to finely tune the senses that he would draw on to see him through the rest of his life is very humbling.
To witness the comfortable way that he went to his new Mummy and Daddy was simply beautiful, to pack up his beloved toys that made Lucky what he is was gut wrenching, but knowing that he had a forever home, that is all that we could ever ask for.
May you always grasp life with those lovely strong paws that you stretch out to embrace the life you have young man, you are and always will be our treasured little boy.

Yvonne Brown


“O say what is that thing called light

Which I cannot enjoy?

What are the pleasures of the sight?

Pray tell your poor blind boy”

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