Tarryns Tale

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jun 26 2014.

She left this world knowing that not all humans are abusers.

A little female cat came into our lives on the evening of 2nd November 2006. She was found by a caring lady who saw her walking as if in pain along the footpath.

This kind human stopped and found that little cat was in need of help. It appeared that she was having a kitten and something had gone wrong. As the lady was needed somewhere she took little cat to Yvonne at Cats in Need Trust.

What had at first appeared to be a birth was in fact her bowel. Some 'human' had inserted a firework into her and lit it.

Gentle care was taken of this little one over night and early next morning Tarryn was taken to the vet. Tarryn was little, she was skinny, her pads were sore and she was pregnant. The prognosis for her recovery was poor, her babies were dead, and so the final call was made.

Cradled in the arms that loved her, even if it was for just a matter of hours, the needle was inserted. And she was still purring.

As every Guy Fawkes approaches, please do your part to protect the animals.


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