The Sad Story Of Tiger

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Mar 01 2011.

Beautiful Tiger was left on the doorstep of the trust with a huge raw patch on his head with a note saying he had been found crying on the road and could we please take care of him. Tiger was the result of awful neglect and had to be treated urgently. As you can see from the shocking images below, he looked like he was in great pain.


The note that was left with him said he had been found on the road crying and seemed to be blind. He had a huge raw patch on his head and we immediately took him to the vet. Unfortunately, he was put to sleep as the wound was severe cancer and it had gone behind the eyes resulting in his blindness.

Once again looking at the note, it stated that the person who found him could not find the owner/s of Tiger and wanted us to "help him". Is this the same person who also called late last year and discussed a ginger cat who appeared to be blind and asked what we could do to help? Oddly enough, the handwriting appears to be the same as the letter from the person who called last year.

If this is the case, it is a sad situation that they did not look to treating Tiger before it got to such a bad state, he was in a lot of pain and was very confused; We only hope he knew that we did what we could to help him on his last day on earth.

As a result of so many animals being dumped on our doorstep without prior arrangement we have had to install a surveillance camera outside the front of the house. People found dumping cats, particularly ones which appear to have been mistreated, will be prosecuted. 

It is very sad that this happened and we just want people to think about what they are doing before dumping animals - please call us first to see what we can do to help. Having so many extra cats being abandoned without consulting us is extremely hard on us in terms of resources and time. We are only glad that we were able to put Tiger out of his misery and are sad that he may have been suffering for a prolonged time.

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