POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 31 2014.

If you have ever wanted to help homeless cats but can't adopt or become a foster parent, perhaps you would be able to sponsor an animal. For a small weekly or monthly donation you will receive a photo of the cat you are sponsoring, and updates via either email or post.

When your cat finds a "forever home", you will receive a thank-you card and be able to choose a new cat to sponsor.

Every little bit helps but we do encourage a minimum of $20 a month, which will cover the feeding of one cat per month. If you would like to sponsor more, here is a guide to what costs are for the general upkeep of the cats.

- One week's food for a single cat in the cattery: $5
- One week's food for a pregnant or lactating queen: $20
- De-fleaing and worming of one cat for one month: $10
- Spaying a female cat: $55
- Neutering a male cat: $40
Vaccinating a cat: $35
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